Ta-Ta Towels Are The New Hammocks For Your T**ties

Ta-Ta Towels are here! And they're saving you from embarrassing and uncomfortable boob sweat.

The new hammock-like towel is available in grey, fuschia, teal, and black, and they're only $45, according to their website. Not bad!  

"It's sooo comfy, I never want to take it off!" one testimonial from Tara reads. I wish I could wear it all day. My boobs have never loved me more!"

"With the slogan "Keep 'em high. Keep 'em dry," the Ta Ta Towel holds your boobs up, so they don't stick in the summer heat. The towel-like fabric slips over one boob, around your neck like a halter top, and over the other. It's genius, really," Bustle.com wrote. 

Well, I'm sold.

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photo via Ta-Ta Towels

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