The First Ever #TakeAKnee Protest In The MLB Happened In Oakland

image via AP/REX/Shutterstock

Trump really put his foot in it this time. 

Following a Twitter attack towards professional athletes from both the NBA and the NFL on Saturday (September 23), Donald Trump single-handedly re-ignited Colin Kaepernick's #TakeAKnee protest by calling NFL players that choose to protest "sons of bitches."

Oakland A's catcher Bruce Maxwell was the first to respond.

"The day after Trump's rally speech in Alabama, in which he called out football players for taking a knee during the national anthem, Oakland A's catcher Bruce Maxwell became the first professional baseball player to join the protest, which aims to shine a light on lingering racial inequality in America," Mashable writes. 

While Maxwell was the first to exercise his right to protest since Trump's rant, the NFL followed suit this morning at the Jaguars vs. Ravens game in London. 

TMZ reports, "What's especially interesting ... Jaguars owner Shad Khan, who donated $1 million to Trump's campaign, locked arms with 2 players."

What an interesting day already! 

Shout out to Maxwell for standing up for what's right. Read more of the story HERE

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