Austin Rivers Fined $25,000 for Cursing-Out Clippers Fan

LA Clippers v Golden State Warriors

Austin Rivers has been fined $25k for cursing out a Clippers fan.

In the video, you can see him going in on someone in the front row before DeAndre Jordan tried to cool him down, nudging him over to the other side of the court. 

Check out the video below:

“He was being a fairweather ass fan,” Rivers explained, during post-game comments obtained by Tomer Azarly of Clutch Points. “He was talking sh*t about the team, but he was cheering the first half. And then the second half he was talking about Steve Ballmer and Doc and DJ and saying demeaning stuff to my other teammates [like], ‘Austin and DJ, y’all need help.’ I don’t like that. I like fans who ride or die with you, and there’s a lot of good ones here that show up to the game.”

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