People Outraged Over Racist Backstory Of Kid's Anti-Bullying Viral Video

Over the weekend, a video of a boy named Keaton went viral for having a message we can all get behind: bullying needs to stop. 

Everyone from Rihanna to the guy that works at the front desk of my gym shared the video. Everyone praised the boy for being brave, calling him a hero, offering him free tickets to sports games, money, and more. 

There was even a GoFundMe page started for Keaton, which has since raised over $58,000.

However, things have taken a turn for the ugly. Many are now questioning the motives of the boy's mother, as well as the kid's upbringing. Photos of Keaton's family have surfaced online that include guns and the Confederate flag. 

Also, Keaton's mother Kimberly appears to have a history of attacking Black people on her own social media pages. 

Also, the "bullying" that Keaton was speaking out against may have been a result of bullying that he himself inflicted on kids of color in his class.

While this story is so far unconfirmed, people have definitely begun to look further into Keaton's story.

MMA fighter Joe Schilling decided to reach out to Kimberly after being "pretty moved" by the clip. But when he contacted Keaton's mom to have them come to Los Angeles for a Bellator event to meet fighters and "be his friend," she responded by saying she "just wants money." 


While the page may not truly be run by Keaton's mother Kimberly, there are quite a few red flags surrounding this story. Bullying is never OK, which means that if Keaton and his mother are both bullies themselves, maybe continuing to share this story wouldn't be appropriate. 

Plus, a boy made a similar video last year regarding bullying...

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