Recreational Marijuana Is Now Legal In California, But Still Hard To Get

January 1st, 2018 marked the first day that recreational marijuana use became legal in the state of California.

While some businesses have opened their doors to floods of new customers, some are still finding it difficult to do the same with ease. Apparently, there are some unforeseen roadblocks. 

The biggest roadblock businesses are facing right now? Not all California cities have given their approval yet. 

The LA Times reports, "In recent weeks, hundreds of businesses have applied for temporary licenses to engage in the marijuana business, but industry officials expect a slow rollout as most cities in California have not yet given their approval, a prerequisite to getting a state license. As of Friday, 49 retail licenses had been issued by the state for businesses to sell recreational pot."

So far, the only cities in the state that have given their approval are Los Angeles, West Hollywood, San Francisco, San Diego, Oakland, Santa Cruz and San Jose.

The others...? Still waiting. 

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