This Theory About Kylie's Daughter's Name is Blowing My Mind

Kylie Jenner continues to unconsciously compete with her older sister Kim by breaking the internet. Last week, on the same day as the BIG GAME, Ms. Jenner announced that not only was she indeed pregnant, but she gave birth to a daughter and Travi$ Scott is the father.

It wasn't long until the name of the baby girl was announced. 

Stormi Webster.

Now people are saying the reason behind this name is due to something Travi$ Scott named a song after: The Butterfly Effect. I'm not talking about that Ashton Kutcher movie either (though it does have an application here.) So essentially the main take away is that the flap of a butterfly's wings could cause a hurricane.

So butterflies have played a big role in the young relationship of Scott and Jenner. Both got butterfly tattoos. There's butterfly jewelry. And, as mentioned earlier, Travis$ had the single Butterfly Effect.

All of this seems a little too much like a bad movie plot. However, I don't really think the Kardashian/Jenner clan has been the best with naming their children. (MY OPINION).

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