Twitter Helps Student Change AP Chem Exam to a Fortnite Exam

Social media can be a beautiful thing.

An AP Chemistry student, with the help of twitter (and an awesome teacher) was able to get out of taking an actual chemistry exam and instead the exam would be about the hit video game Fortnite.

The deal was to get 6.7K retweets. That goal was crushed! Props to the teacher for keeping his word and allowing the student to take an actual Fortnite exam.

Fortnite is a huge sensation right now. This almost gives it validation as culturally iconic. Being the gamer that I am, that means this is a pretty big deal as the Epic Games developed game continues to grow.

I never took AP chem. I did however take AP English and AP History. For those classes, the exams weren't a big part of the grade. They were basically exams to help you earn college credits early. So I'm not sure how this exam will help the student in the future. Either way I think this is an awesome, progressive approach to connecting with your students.


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