See Donald Glover's Epic Mock Deadpool Script

Donald Glover is a man of many talents. From acting to music to writing and directing, he has definitely been one of my faves in The Biz.

Apparently there was a tiff between he and Atlanta network FX, when the latter gave the announced animated Deadpool series the snips.

Glover, who was supposed to write and produce the show, took to twitter to vent his frustration. He did so in one of the most epic ways possible by tweeting a 15-page mock script of the show.

Displaying his wit to the utmost, Donald uses Deadpool's voice to refer Bitcoin, the last white-horn rhinoceros and even Beyoncé getting her face bitten.

Of course Twitter was upset that this is a glimpse of what could have been. The show was cancelled after FX said there were creative differences.

Peep the script below. It's hilarious and also NSFW.

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