Some Folks Weren't Feeling DJ Khaled's Performance

DJ Khaled is a busy man. When he's not dropping straight flames with Justin Bieber, or when he's not opening up for hip hop royalty (The Carters) for On The Run II, he's performing at the Overwatch League Grand Finals. 

Quickly for the uninitiated gamers our there: Overwatch is team-based video game shooter which continues to grow in popularity. As a gamer, it was amazing to see national networks take gaming culture seriously. ESPN, ESPN 2 and ABC broadcast the esport championship and it looked like a huge success. Taking place at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, some big hip-hop names were in the building like Khaled and DJ Envy.

The former did a set playing some of his hits as well as some of the biggest songs past and present. Though there were some awkward moments, as great as performer Khaled is, the crowd didn't really hold their own whenever called upon to sing they lyrics as the music was dropped out. A lot of fumbles, stutters and straight up silence, however DJ Khaled took it in stride. The gaming community can be very diverse and while it seemed that many people were enjoying their time, there were definitely some cringe-worthy moments from the set. 

Peep the performance below. What would you rate the show from DJ Khaled? What would you rate the participation from the crowd?

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