New Trend? Parents Hiring Fortnite Coaches for their Kids

Fortnite is huge. It has been the cultural phenomenon when the gaming world crosses over into mainstream media and reception, not unlike Minecraft and Pokemon Go. I mean, even Drake is playing

Well now, the craze has inspired parents to hire coaching for their kids so they can be better at the game.The Wall Street Journal reports that parents are hiring Fortnite coaches at rates of $10 to $20 an hour in hopes of improving their kids' chances at conquering the hit video game. Fortnite pits you against 100 other players in a "last man standing" formula known as a battle royale.  "There's pressure not to just play it, but to be really good at it," says Ally Hicks, who purchased four hours of lessons for her 10-year-old son. "You can imagine what that was like for him at school." Meanwhile, parent Nick Mennen says his son used to suck at Fortnite, but since he began lessons, "now he'll throw down 10 to 20 wins." Money well spent, pop!

There is also added benefit if you get really good at the game. If you were to ever start streaming on services like Mixer or Twitch, you could actually make some money through donations and people that subscribe to your channel. One of the most popular Fortnite players, Ninja, streams on Twitch. He says he thinks he makes close to $500,000 a month from streaming! 

So parents, it may actually pay off. Do you support your kiddo's gaming habits? Would you ever pay for your kid to get a video game coach?

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