Kobe Dropped From Film Festival Jury

My opinion is my own. My stance is not endorsed by 99.1 KGGI's nor iHeart Media. That being said, I'm not too fond of this news.

Kobe Bryant was suppose to be part of the jury of the Animation Is Film Festival this weekend in Hollywood. However, he's been removed after receiving backlash from his 2003 rape allegation.  A Change.org petition was started and received 159 signatures to have him removed. 

Kobe is being chased by his past. The infamous 2003 scenario in Denver didn't really have much of an impact on Kobe's basketball career. He went on to win two championships and an MVP award in the NBA. 

The 2003 case definitely still haunts him in his new endeavors. With the MeToo/Times Up movement going strong, there's been many people coming forward to bring stability, equality to Hollywood as well as clean up the industry from the predators who take advantage of younger actors. Kobe has received flack before. I don't think many people will be so quick to forgive him. 

It's a weird precedent being set. Cancel Culture is definitely dangerous often calling people guilty without any proof in the court of public opinion. I also think Kobe should be, at the very least, acknowledge for being able to rehabilitate his image and showing remorse for the incidents 15 years ago.

Kobe Bryant said in a statement, the decision [to remove him] motivates me to build a studio that focuses on diversity and inclusion in storytelling for the animation industry. 

Do think it's right to remove Kobe? 

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