Shuttle Bus to Haunted House Turns to Real-Life Scare

Some unfortunate people had the ride of their life when a shuttle bus to a haunted house event turned into a real-life scare on Thursday night. 

Dozens of passengers were on a bus from the Aquarium of the Pacific to The Queen Mary in Long Beach, California for their Dark Harbor attraction. The ride is less than 1 mile.  The bus driver started going in the wrong direction and wouldn't stop. He also didn't respond to passengers wondering what was happening. People believed that they were being kidnapped. 

A video shows riders begging the driver to stop.  People started climbing out of the bus through the emergency exit windows. The driver did eventually stop and let the rest of the passengers out about 30 minutes away from where they were supposed to be. 

911 had been called and sheriffs came to arrest the driver on suspicion of attempted kidnapping.  How scary! 

Have you ever been on a bus, ride-share or taxi where you thought the driver was sketchy? What did you do? 

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