Travis Scott Has Harvard in His Sights

Travis Scott Is Applying to Harvard After having a baby, scoring a number one album, and driving fans crazy on tour, Travis Scott now has set his sights on Harvard University. 

 "I'm applying to Harvard in a couple days, And I am really excited!" Scott announced on Twitter. "Somebody pinch me."

 Now don't think higher education is something new to Scott, before his second album Scott was a student at University of Texas San Antonio.  No date has been announced on when he plans to apply or what his major would be if he's accepted.  

But, if Redman and Method Man can make a movie about it, then Harvard should really consider accepting Trav. 

What do you think Scott's major would be? I'm actually curious how he's going to do in those cold, East-Coast winters. Wishing the best for you Travis!

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