Offset's Alleged Mistress Drops New Song

Ahhh the plot thickens. 

All any media outlet could talk about last week was Cardi B and Offset's separation after a year of marriage. The reasons being pointed towards infidelity. 

Summer Bunni (the alleged mistress) released a song about the Migo member called "Don't Matter." She addresses her fling with Offset. This comes after she gave a tearful apology to Cardi B on IG. 

In the song Bunni sings, "I hope you play this sh__ when you all alone/So you can think about why I’m really gone/F__ the gossip, f__ the tea/I’m the one that you really need.”

Bunni told The Blast, "I just wanted to write about how I felt at the time," Bunni said. "I really thought he and I were for real."

Not sure how I feel about this considering this comes so close to her apology to Cardi, where she claimed she "didn't know" how serious their marriage was. Homegirl may just be clout-chasing if you ask me. What do you think? Should Cardi B respond?

Hear a snippet of the song below.

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