Cardi B will Have Residency in Las Vegas!

I'm not sure how much better this can get. First you have Cardi B, the HOTTEST artists out right now. Then, you have Las Vegas: SIn City. You can only imagine how dope a Bardi residency will be!

She will be performing at the Palms Resort Casino's newest club KAOS when it opens in April

The $690 million renovation of Palms Casino Resort looks to amp up performances, including a rotating DJ booth! 

We know Cardi knows how to party. I mean have you SEEN her video with City Girls? (NSFW by the way, but I'll put the video down below) Just imagine how the club is going to act when that song drops. Between Cardi and Drake, Vegas is setting itself up nice with some dope residencies. 

Who would you like to see added to this residency? 

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