Kit Harrington Breaks Down Big Scene from the Game of Thrones Premiere

Game of Thrones is HUGE. The premiere episode of the final season set a record for netting 17.4 MILLION viewers.

So if you don't watch it, that's fine. However many other people were tuned in. Now if you didn't see the episode yet, first off, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Secondly I will touch in some light spoilers from the episode so don't read past this.

Okay everyone else that's still here, I will assume you've watched every episode including the season 8 premiere. There were many great moments from the premiere. One that has people talking though is Jon riding a freakin' dragon. And while there are some complaints about the scene (hear Evelyn Erives' thoughts on the matter in her Get Buzzed Podcast) it was still pretty cool to see someone other than Daenerys riding a dragon. While it looked cool on the show, actor Kit Harrington had a hilarious retelling of what it was like to shoot the scene.

Honestly, I was laughing SO HARD. Wouldn't that just be an unfortunate ending for the King in the North?

What are you looking forward to seeing in the last season of the show?

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