Future Breaks His Silence After Bodyguard was Attacked

This is just upsetting.

Another rapper's camp getting attacked overseas. I'm sure by now you have seen this troubling video of Future's bodyguard getting sucker punched. People heavily criticized Future for not doing anything to help out his man after he was sucker punched (with a rock according to some sources) but also getting his head stomped on by an unruly, b****-boy. (For real, that's some sucker sh**)

Future took to social media to basically say he ain't see NOTHING.

Well it looks like Future had a reason for not getting involved. It actually has something to do with the A$AP Rocky situation. Rocky was berated by a fan in Sweden until things escalated into kerfuffle that has led to a whole ordeal of A$AP being detained and we're still awaiting his release. Hell, even President Trump has been involved recently.

Well Future had all of that in consideration. With rappers, getting attacked and arrested in foreign countries, I can't really blame Future for this one. Though it does look bad, I hope his bodyguard can understand that.

The fact of the matter is this: have some respect. If an artist doesn't feel like taking a photo respect that. If a fan asks for a picture, and you don't feel up to it, politely tell them no. It should be a simple exchange.

People are too self-absorbed and entitled. Thankfully the bodyguard is doing well according to TMZ.

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