Lebron James is Trying to Trademark What?!

Lebron James is a GOAT. He's someone's favorite Laker. (Kobe will always be my #1) He is also one of the most influential people not only in sports, but in media.

He's had some very diverse outings from acting in Space Jam, to having a talk show and being a great father and family man. One thing that people particularly like to see are his posts for #TacoTuesday.

Well looks like 'Bron is looking to trademark the phrase "Taco Tuesday." Which makes me wonder, can he even do that? Apparently he's going to try, for social media purposes and for a show. The Lakers superstar does NOT pass up any potential business plays.

BUT there's a restaurant that already has the phrase trademarked (in Wyoming no less.) This may cause some complications to James' plans.

If you ask me though, this borders cultural appropriation LOL. Not saying everyone can't enjoy tacos, but for Lebron to try and trademark just kind of disrespects the large fan-base he has in LA and the IE. What are your thoughts on this?

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