First Funerals Thursday for Some of the 9 Mexico Massacre Victims

The first funerals for some of the 9 American women and children that were killed by drug cartel gunmen in Mexico on Monday will be held Thursday.

La Mora Major from 2015 - 2018, Steven Langford, said "It was a massacre, 100% a massacre". Langford's sister was one of the women killed Monday.

According to reports, it took the Mexican Army, National Guard and Sonora state police about 8 hours to arrive at the scene. The nearest army units were about 100 miles and 3 hours away when the attack happened at around 9:40 am but soldier's did not start heading out to the scene until 2:30 pm and didn't arrive until 6:15 pm.

Mexican officials insist that the attackers may have mistaken the group's vehicles for those of a rival gang and that may be the reason why the women and children were attacked. But family members raid they found evidence that the gunmen knew exactly who they were killing.

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