Jay Z Snatches Phone from a Man at Diddy's 50th Birthday Party

Don't test Jay.

In what was a celebration of Diddy's 50th birthday (Happy birthday Puff) Jay Z and Beyonce showed up to have a good time. It looks like Saweetie had a nice fan moment with Beyonce and Kelly Rowland. While this was happening though, Jay (who also celebrated a birthday recently) took it back to his Marcy days, by snatching a phone out of the hand of a party goer who was trying to record some footage.

It's unclear if he was trying to video Jay, Beyonce or just himself, Hov wasn't playing any games and quickly snatched the phone right out of his hands.

What are you doing if he did this to you? Do you think Jay Z is justified in this? Check out the video below.

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