Twitter Says Golden State Warriors Could Be MJ's Bulls

Warriors in 5.

At least that's what the Internet is saying about a hypothetical match-up the Bleacher report posted Monday morning. There is always going to be a debate about which team is the greatest. Honestly, it's one of the hottest things to talk about on Twitter.

The match-up goes as this:

While we'll NEVER see this match-up between these two legendary teams, it's always fun to discuss. Would Golden States' potent 3-point onslaught be too much for an old-school style of the 90's Bulls? Who's going to stop MJ & Pippen? Who's going to guard Kevin Durant?

All fun discussion if you are a sports fan.

But, let's not forget to mention another great team: The Kobe-Shaq Era Lakers and the Kobe-Pau era Lakers, both dominant teams as well.

It should be all fun but you know some people will take it too seriously and ruin it.

What do YOU think IE?

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