Tory Lanez Spotted In Florida + Wishes Megan The Best!

Tory Lanez was most recently spotted in front of a Florida McDonalds acting really weird as seen in a video down below via The Neighborhood Talk 2 Instagram page

As seen in the video above Tory looks like he was trying to communicate with a homeless man, who was doing push-ups, and his dog. He jumped and screamed at the homeless man's direction, seemingly to get his attention.

Tory has not been deported and is self-quarantining with his family in Florida. This is a perfect example of false information being spread regarding this case, his whereabouts and his character», says Tory Lanez's Rep

Another source close to Tory told The Neighborhood Talk 2, "He's in good spirits and looks forward to having the truth come to light about that night and wishes nothing but the best for Meg."

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