This is Where California Ranks in 2020's Happiest States

There has been so much "bad" that has happened this year. Especially to Californians where we have experienced the tragic loss of Kobe and Gianna, protests against police brutality, riots, looting, earthquakes, wildfires and not to mention a friggin' pandemic.

It's been a hard year. So when I saw this list of the "happiest" states in 2020, I immediately blew it off because there is no way California could crack the top 10.

Well low and behold, the list making site Wallet Hub did some research and found that California is one of the happier states according to their research. See the breakdown below.

Wallet Hub did the research and crunched the numbers to determine the happiest states in the U.S. for 2020. They used factors such as depression rates, COVID-19 positivity rates, income growth, and unemployment rates, here are the states that made the top 10 (check the link for more):

  1. Hawaii
  2. Utah
  3. Minnesota
  4. New Jersey
  5. Maryland
  6. California
  7. North Dakota
  8. Iowa
  9. Idaho
  10. Connecticut

See how they broke down the numbers and let me know if you can agree IE.

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