Airick G's New Song 'London Tings' Feat. Catalyst Bars Has You Bopping

23-Year-Old Los Angeles native, Airick G is back at it again with some new music!! Only this time he teamed up with one of his favorite artists, Catalyst Bars to lace us up with "London Ting" which is finally out everywhere!

We also did a Q&A with Airick G to get to know him more!

How was the whole process of creating 'London Ting’

The whole process of creating "London Ting" was super fun! It took me about 3 months to finally perfect it and finally get it out. My fans have been asking for new music for a while ever since I dropped my EP which was back in march but after I finished the first half of the song I thought of an artist that would sound amazing on this track and this artist goes by the name of Catalyst Bars. I reached out to do a collab and we did just that. Ive been a fan of Catalyst Bars for years, since his TeamBackPack Cypher days and it's such a dream come true to do a song with a talented artist like Catalyst.

Being able to collaborate with one of your favorite artists, how was the experience? How did you make it happen?

I had an amazing experience working with one of my favorite artist like Catalyst Bars. I reach out over instagram and sent him the track hoping that he would vibe with it and sure enough he did! He sent me the song with his verse back and it was easy as that. Super humble and talented artist, he showed nothing but love when we met each other and I'll never forget it. Would love to work with him again in the future!

Should we still be expecting new visuals in this unfortunate time in the pandemic?

YES, I have so much new music, new visuals, and collaborations in the works and I cant wait to release it!

How do you feel about your growth as an independent artist.

My growth as an Independent as been amazing. So much has changed over this past year. From music going viral on TikTok and reaching over 3 Million people to working with an artist I only saw on Youtube and never thought I would work with. Its been a huge blessing and I'm very grateful for everything.

Do you think this pandemic has hurt you as an independent artist?

I feel that this pandemic has hurt everyone and is still effecting people not just artist. I just hoping things go back to normal soon so we can all go back to work, go out and enjoy life outside of our homes. On the bright side I was still able to connect and network over social media so thats been a very helpful tool!

How old were you when you realized that music was your thing?

Ever since I was a kid I have always loved to entertain. Even If that meant by making Youtube videos, gaming videos and making dance videos. I felt like making music was always inside me I wasn't surprised that I ended up picking up the pen and the notebook and started writing music and creating my own music.

Where do you draw inspiration from? Where does your creativity flow from?

I feel like my inspiration and creativity and drawn from the same places. From hearing a song that I vibe to and get super inspired to make a song right after I hear it and meeting new artist/Networking and just being around my team makes me most inspired and creative.

Lastly, What do you hope fans gain from listening to your music?

I hope my fans gain or rather get to know me by listening to my music over time, not only as an artist but as a person too. I hope they could just vibe and have a great experience listening to the songs I put out.

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