Petey Pablo: The North Carolina Ghost Hunter In New Doc Called "Haunted"

Petey Pablo will be a part of a ghost-hunting documentary titled "Haunted."

The director Tony Cadwell says, "This investigation with Petey Pablo is the most insane investigation I have ever been involved in. You have an old family farm in Greensboro, North Carolina. It’s home to a creepy haunted attraction. But what is terrifying about this place is its history.” Cadwell continues saying, "There is a graveyard on the property. The property has ties to a notorious Revolutionary War battle. The property owner confirmed that there had been numerous exorcisms conducted on the grounds with spirits bound to the land. When you factor in having Petey Pablo involved in the investigation, you have something truly horrifying and extremely entertaining.”

Pablo adds, "Everyone has heard ghost stories about places being haunted. There are lots of reported hauntings right here in the Carolinas. I grew up hearing many of these stories. It’s something I have always been curious about, so when I linked up with Tony Cadwell. We decided to collaborate and bring Haunted to life. It’s a project that is not just for entertainment. It’s a very educational and a positive experience. Of course, it’s also extremely entertaining.”

The documentary is scheduled to be released in 2021. [All Hip Hop]

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