Lil Nas X Teases New Holiday Single With The Help Of Michael J. Fox

Lil Nas X has announced his new song called “Holiday”—out this Friday (Nov.13) in the most spectacular way. 

During the NFL game between the Saints and the Buccaneers, a commercial aired featuring the “Old Town Road” rapper becoming Santa Claus via the Tim Allen Santa Clause contract.  In the teaser, Lil Nas X travels back in time and watches as Santa gets kicked out of a saloon for getting too drunk.

He then picks up Santa’s hat that has a label in it that reads “Santa Nas X You are the new Santa.”Lil Nas X’s horse then transforms into a reindeer before he himself morphs into Santa. He then flies off on a sleigh.

The teaser ends with a cameo from Michael J. Fox warning, “Whatever you do Nas, don’t go to 2020.” 🎅🏾❄️ 

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