Teenager Scams Grocery Store Out of Nearly $1 million!

Cops say a 19-year-old Kroger grocery store employee scammed nearly $1 million from his employer in a matter of only two weeks!

Tre Brown made around 40 fake product returns at the Duluth, Georgia Kroger he was working at between December and January, putting the return's money on cards for amounts between $75 and $87,000! No one immediately questioned an $87,000 grocery store return?!?! After scamming nearly $1 million from Kroger, Brown treated himself to a couple of cars; one was a new Chevy Camaro that he almost immediately crashed and totaled. He also went on a little shopping spree for clothes and guns.

Someone at Kroger finally asked "What's up with this?" and cops arrested Brown while also returning a large portion of the cash he stole. Brown now faces theft by taking charges.


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