This is America's Favorite Beverage...But Can You Guess the 2nd Favorite?

You know we're so deep in pandemic living when you do an internet search for America's top beverage. I got curious and found a study the asked America what their favorite drink is.

For me? It's strawberry lemonade. That is my jam.

According to the study, Coca Cola is the number one spot.

Here's how the rest of the list looks.

2.) Jack Daniels
3.) Mountain Dew
4.) Pepsi
5.) Coors
6.) Budweiser
7.) Snapple
8.) Heineken
9.) Miller
10.) Tropicana

I wasn't surprised to see so many beer brands on there. I was surprised to see Jack Daniels at number 2 though!

What's your favorite beverage IE?

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