Bad Bunny at the WWE Royal Rumble is a Whole Vibe

WWE has had so much cultural clout for many, many years. I don't watch as consistently as some of my peers do, but growing up, I would always see big figures in entertainment make appearances at some of the shows: Mike Tyson, Lebron James, Floyd Mayweather to name a few.

The trend continues as Bad Bunny made his way onto Royal Rumble on Sunday night. He did a performance with wrestling legend Booker T. He also lived out most people's childhood dream and got in on the action; jumping onto some wrestlers from the top turnbuckle.

Check out the video below

He also made an appearance on Monday Night Raw. I had to ask my brother for some context. There's apparently some beef with wrestler, "The Miz" after he wrecked Bad Bunny's dj equipment.

This is so dope. Shoutout to Bad Bunny for living his best life! Where my wrestling fans at IE?

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