Be Warned if You've Done the Silhouette Challenge

You've probably by now have seen the latest trend the Silhouette Challenge all over social media. It's increasingly popular to the point where celebs like Tiffany Haddish and Common hopped on it. Essentially, the challenge consists of a female starting in front of the camera and then it cuts to their silhouette usually in lingerie with some provocative dancing. It's a very sexy trend.

Even Cardi B got in on the trend!

Well now some people on the Internet have gone and ruined the fun. Apparently there is a way to remove the red filter the trend is known for from the video. This means that the person in the video dancing and posing in their chonies would be more visible than expected.

It's really gross and ruins the fun of the trend. There's literal tutorials on how to do it. In fact, there was even a subreddit that got shut down for posting the altered videos.

So just a heads up IE, if you or a friend have done the challenge, there may be some sickos out there altering it.

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