Upcoming R&B artist BiSeeya talks About his Journey in the Music Industry

Every artist has their way of finding their stage name and for BiSeeya, his came up as he was freestyling with some of his friends. He said “B, I see ya”? which is where his stage name came from, he just spelled it with his own flavor. BiSeeya shows his fans his flavor through his West Coast r&b music in which he is strictly the only writer of all his songs.

BiSeeya's life after high school encouraged him to take music seriously. It was in high school where he found his passion for rapping after he was kicked off his football team. “I usually would pass on the opportunity and let the others have fun but at this time, I had been kicked off the football team and was in a completely different headspace. I thought to myself, “F**k it” and went in! I only spit 6 bars from a hidden rap I wrote in my android at the time, but those 6 bars got me where I’m at today”. He explained how between 2017-2019 he started to take his career serious due to tough obstacles. Certain situations like him getting locked up after high school and fighting a felony case made him realize he needed to change his life. BiSeeya has a passion for music which allows him to communicate his feelings. “Music is my life and my calling. I see it as a sport and a lifestyle on certain boundaries.”

All rappers start somewhere and for BiSeeya, he knew he had a lot of work to do. He uses his first record as a reminder to show him how far he’s come. He stated that he was “embarrassed” to say the name from his 2015 SoundCloud record because he knows it isn’t too good. Since then he’s released three projects: One mixtape from 2018, “Sooner Than Later” and two EP’s, “Phantom” (2018) and “P.S. OTW...” (2020).

Multiple artists have inspired BiSeeya, but his current favorite LA artists who’ve continued to inspire him are Bino Rideaux and Blaxt. He then explains how his rough childhood leads him to wanting more in life. He was just a 17 year old boy from Fresno, Ca inspired by music, trying to

make it out of his lifestyle. BiSeeya credits his parents' sacrifices for allowing him to be where he is today. “We have nothing, many of us don’t really come from anything, my parents were the first in their families to break the whole “poverty” or “poor” cycle for their families. We still struggled more than usual, but they did what any parent would to make sure I still had that roof over my head and sacrificed plenty for me to be here today”. He hopes to inspire those after him to make them want to be something.

Let’s talk about confidence because BiSeeya has it. “ I feel like I’m the most versatile, I care more about quality and that I have natural love and passion for being a perfectionist at it”. He’s inspired by Drake and what he means to his hometown, Toronto. BiSeeya hopes to be the greatest from Fresno one day. His career took flight after his music video to his song, “Say Baby” was released. “My cameraman Pwnzyy used to work for YBN Nahmir his crew and used to shoot for Rolling loud and a couple other big industry artist. My single, Say Baby helped kicked it off for me around my city some spin time in a couple bars and clubs, so that felt good”. He’s still working hard as an independent artist and will continue dropping music and with possibly a future on a song.

His most recent single just dropped last week on Friday, February 19, 2021 called “1,000 F**k 100”. He expresses what this albums means to him and how, “Its more hardcore rapping and speaking out of frustration of feeling like I don’t get enough credit as a serious artist, issues in my life and the biggest problem in America right now, police brutality and the undying injustices on African American people”. Later in his career he explains how he would like to be a “CEO, a mogul. Have my own major label, Acquire other business skills and assets outside of music and sell a product, the way 50 cent, Dr. Dre, Diddy and so many others do”.

So what’s next for BiSeeya? He definitely wants to be playing in all his fans' cars which means he hopes to get his music played on the radio. You can catch BiSeeyas music on all streaming platforms!

IG: @biseeya         

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