BriGuel Celebrate Women In All Their Glory In New Visual “It’s A Story”

New York City-based artist couple BriGuel continue pushing their power duo format forward with the release of a symbolic single and music video, “It’s A Story.” In Honor of Women’s history month, BriGuel decided to mark the occasion by unveiling a deeply personal project, sharing their own story, about a Girl and a Boy, both simultaneously going through a life transformation from darkness to light. Only after experiencing their twisted worlds and lost paths are they able to find each other and grow, change, and reinvent themselves. 

Captured by the incredible Roey Yohai over a 2 year period of time, BriGuel set out to portray their story, as well as portray Woman in a very different light. The music video is a compilation of 1000 images, giving the video a stop-motion effect, captured by BriGuel’s dear friend and photographer Roey Yohai. 

“Too often, we see Women in music videos as objects, scantily clad, twerking or simply as decorations for male counterparts they elevate; here we present Woman in all her glory, majesty and honor: filled with the miracle of life! So in honor of Women's History Month, we share our Story, “It's A Story,” explains BriGuel. 

With spellbinding melodies and empowering lyrics, BriGuel continue disrupting society’s most engraved stereotypes with their savvy blend of rap, pop, r&b, and electro-inspired sound designs. Bolstered by soothing rhythms, warm basslines, and an electro-groove that give off a solemn aura from start to finish, Breanne Berkson adds the hypnotic element that elevates the listener’s mood while Miguel, as always, speaks to directly to the soul when he raps. 

“It’s A Story” will challenge the listener to face his/her own story, buried emotions, and unaddressed issues while celebrating women’s majesty, their power and eternal glory. In reality, “It’s A Story” is also your story, and everyone else’s, a universal tale of two of the most ancient phenomena in history, love and the quest for self. 

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