WATCH: SNL Makes Fun Of Lil Nas X & Pepe Le Pew In Cold Opening

"Saturday Night Live" had the perfect storm this week. With the controversy surrounding Lil Nas X, his "Montero" video, and the Satan shoes, it was perfect to make fun of.

The opening sketch was "Oops. You Did It Again," hosted by Britney Spears (played by Chloe Fineman). She introduced Lil Nas X (played by Chris Redd). When Spears asked why Nike was so upset about the unauthorized Satan shoes, Lil Nas X responded, "I don't know why Nike is so mad. Their whole thing is "just do it," so, I did it." About the "Montero" video where he gave Satan a lap dance, Nas X replied, "You know that wasn't the real Satan, right? The real Satan doesn't do music videos."

Spears then asked Lil Nas X if he wouldn't mind giving a lap dance to God. Nas X said, "Let's do it." It happened. Spears said, "Happy Easter!" Lil Nas X said, "Should I again remind people that was not the real God? That was just my friend Gary."

The real Lil Nas X saw the clip and tweeted, "snl goin' to hell."

SNL had fun with the Pepe Le Pew controversy too. [Billboard]

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