Airick G Talks Latest Visuals 'Backstage' + Mini Q&A

Los Angeles is home to some of the most talented people in the world. Airick G is an emerging independent artist with a passion for creating music and building a community of fans to share it with. Airick is often noticed for his unique sound. Blending his favorite genres such as Hip-Hop and hints of pop, soul, and R&B. Influenced by artists that have mastered the art of authentic storytelling such as Kid Cudi, Rexx Life Raj, Saba, Kendrick Lamar, and others that inspire through genuine lyricism.

Check out our exciting conversation below + peep his latest visuals down below!

What inspired you with the concept for your latest visuals “Backstage” ? 

I wanted to incorporate the concept of being backstage before a show and slowing building up to me going on stage. So it’s starts off with me backstage getting ready and as I look in the mirror I’m just remembering how far I have come and the next scenes shows me at the apartments I grew up in as a kid in South Gate — Then it shows me “flying” to the location where I have the show and that’s why that last scene is so epic with all the lights and concert like venue that we did! 

Describe to me your favorite backstage moment before the COVID happened?

My favorite backstage moment is when I went to an amazing concert in Irvine. The feeling was amazing. Getting to hang/meet so many incredible talented artists like G-Eazy, Ty Dolla $ign, A-Track and more! Life before the rona was crazy and I just can't wait till the world opens up again so me and my team can get back out to events like that.

How important is mental health to you?

Mental health is super important to me, I always try to my best to help people thru my music and talk about it a lot in my music or when I do interviews. The truth is everyone goes thru something some people show their feelings some people don’t but we all go thru stuff and I’m always willing to talk to anyone that’s going thru a hard time I’ve been there myself many times and when I thought about giving up something with in me always kept going because there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Always remember that!

What do you value about life. 

I value my family, friends, and my mental health. I think if you start to get to caught up in one you start to forget how to enjoy life and see the little things and be happy. I think that’s something I’m working on now in my life. Just being able to finally stop and smell the roses. 

How has music changed your way of thinking 

Music has definitely matured me in so many different ways, from my work ethic to the eat I see other people. It showed me the real and the fake and how to distinguish both. One thing music has brought me and always will bring me is joy. 

2021 is the year of opportunities what should we be expecting from you?

Not only am I working on an album right now but I’m also working on other projects as well like singles music videos etc! But I what I’m super excited for is what opportunities are in store for me besides the music, there’s so much that can happen and I’m looking forward to it. I know this year will bring so much good changed in my life. So I’m looking forward to it. 

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