Chicocurlyhead Talks New Single 'Modelo' And Mini Q&A

Panama-born rapper, Chicocurlyhead also known as John Farrish is an independent artist on the rise and you should stay in the know of. I moved to America at the age of 9 due to a lot of violence», reveals the 19-year-old Central America based artist via email. His talents speak for themselves, this bilingual artist never stops shining! Influenced by artists such as Travis Scott, Saint Jhn, and PARTYNEXTDOOR, and others that inspire through genuine lyricism.

'Modelo' is from a real life situation about a female who had doubts about me and it gets deeper into when it talks about things that happened between the couple and I. The guy tries to convince her that this relationship is something great», stated the 19-year-old Central America based artist via email.

Check out our conversation below + check out his new single entitled 'Modelo' down below!

Talk to me about your childhood?

My childhood was crazy honestly when you come from a place where you see drugs, guns, murder, and somehow you find a way to stay away from that. It’s crazy I always say God always protects me from all bad things! Even now that I got away from it, it still follows you but I still find a way to stay away from it.

As far as music goes, how did you gravitate to that scene?

Music started growing on me when I got invited to a studio session and I was chilling and they ask me “you wanna make a song” and I said “sure” ended up making a whole song! Dropped it 30 minutes later on SoundCloud next day it had 1,000+ plays already and after that I kept making music. I realized I really love making music and just kept working and trying to get better! Here I am still working and getting better

Outside of music, do you have any passions?

Yes I love soccer before music soccer was everything and I love playing soccer! I usually go when I think it’s time to clear my mind and just enjoy with friends. You know vibe for a while outside of being in the studio.

What can we expect from you this year? Another project or any collaborations on the way?

You can expect vibes from me !! Yes I’m working on an EP right now with my current team & trying to deliver the best music that I can possibly make. I do have some Interesting collaborations but I’m not sure if there coming out soon. Things can change so quickly so I don’t know.

Lastly For anyone just being introduced to your music, how would you describe your sound?

I would describe my sound as “aesthetic, vibey, real, Lit, trippie, global”

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