For Kayoh LA, It’s Only Just The Beginning + Mini Q&A

Bilingual sensation hailing from the Inland Empire to Los Angeles, this is Kayoh LA. Fluent in both Spanish & English, Kayoh has established himself as the go getter. There are very few talents that manage to capture an audience and use it to their advantage. Utilizing his capabilities to create his unique blend of Latin music. It wasn't handed to him, getting his music heard and having a loyal fanbase.

Check out our conversation below + check out his latest song 'Toxicos' down below!

When it comes to self love, what is your self love or self care routine? 

Honestly, I just remind myself who I am and what's my purpose. Nobody got me like I got myself, remaining positive cause the moment I doubt myself that’s when everything pretty much goes down hill. I just got to keep my chin up and chest out.

What’s the one thing you want your fans to take away after listening to your music? 

One thing I’d want them to take from my music is them to actually vibe with the song. Whether if it’s a turn up song or if it’s a sad song I hope it helps them get through whatever they're going through. My purpose with my music is to make who ever is listening feel whatever comes to mind.

Outside of music, do you have any passions ?

Besides music my passion is art, acting and boxing. Those three being my favorite things to do besides music growing up. Whenever I'm free I do boxing.

For anyone just being introduced to your music, how would you describe your sound? 

I would describe myself as a versatile artist. I would not consider myself as an artist that focuses on one genre. Being able to be versatile with my music either in English or Spanish has been a blessing. As long as the vibe is right, I can make it happen!

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