Entrepreneur PAY$O is Working Past His Obstacles and into the Music Indstry

Born and raised in Flint, Michagen PAY$O always enjoyed freestyling for his friends and would advidly listen to music while writing his own lyrics to the beats. When he told his mom his plan on becoming a rapper she wasn’t too happy but she still supported him along the way. It was when he got to record a song with Helluva, A well known producer in Detroit, that made him realize that he could really pursue a career in music. After this he continued writing music but didn’t record much because there wasnt any good quality studios in Flint. However, once he got in contact with Helluva again, they collaborated on another hit song. This time the song was recorded by Helluva and he was shocked by his performance. PAY$O continued to work with different people in flint and got in the studio with D.golden who is now his main engineer. His first single, “All In”, was released in 2019, then he dropped his mixtape. Since then, he’s been fully invested in the game and knows he can do big things with his career.

PAY$O writes all his music and focuses on making his lyrics relatable! He is currently independent but hopes to get signed. “I wanna have a no.1 album & I wanna top the billboard charts , I want a Grammy & The BET Award, but at the end of the day I wanna make good music people can Relate to & love to hear all while Helping Create the best life Possible for me & my Family etc. I wanna leave a mark far beyond awards and Accolades.” PAY$O isn’t trying to stick with any trends, instead he continues to use his creativity to be different. “I use a mix of Clever and Witty Bars unlike My Peers, but Combine it soulful Melodies , upbeat Candances and Vivid Description, I feel My Voice Gives character to a track, a mix of Tomorrows harmonization with the knowledge of an Seasoned Soul, to create a Whole New Sound In itself”.

As his career grows, the independent artist hopes to expand into different fields of work. “have a couple business I am going to start up and/or in the works of starting now. Including opportunities in the Shipping Industry , the Entertainment industry, the Food Industry , real estate, investment banking/Venture capitalism & I even wanna do some Non Profit work. I wanna create programs & scholarships that are able to give help/knowledge to my people”. With hopes of accomplishing far more than just music, he wants to show the people in his life that there is so much more in life to enjoy!

PAY$O is currently working on a lot of new music, along with crazy features and videos. The independent artist is striving to have 4 new singles released soon and stay consistent with visuals. The biggest project he is working on is his EP, “UNDERDOG”, dropping this summer and will consist of 8 songs. For now, fans can look forward to his next single L.D.C.A.T Produced by Eighty 8, which should be dropping soon!

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