Rising Artist to Watch Out For: Jay Furr

Born in San Bernardino, CA, Jared who goes by the name of Jay Furr, is an emerging rapper making a name for himself in the rap game. Growing up he always wanted to pursue music as a career, by the age of 10 him and his cousin who grew up in the projects started rapping with one another and claims that those times shaped him to who he is today and plays a huge role in his music.

While Jay Furr is only 19-years old he has a lot of dreams and goals he wants to accomplish "Getting my family right and I know I have a gift that can help that and music is just in me" he claims and that helping people get money while getting his own was one of his many goals. He also stated "I know that through music you can help people and reach a lot of people, so what makes me passionate about music is I can help people from all over believe in themselves through my music" in a recent interview.

Now, Jay Furr's most recent project [King Furr] includes 12 tracks in which one of them features west coast rapper Fenix Flexin. He describes his music as a very distinct sound and claims that "I have a unique sound being from the west coast with heavy drill and deep trap beats with my flow still being me." You can find Jay Furr's music on all digital streaming platforms (Apple, Spotify, Tidal, Pandora).

You can follow Jay Furr on all social media platforms, and check out two of his videos below.

IG: @1jayfurr

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