Miami Artist Jiggz Welcomes You Into His World With First EP “Jiggy World”

Up-and-coming artist Jiggz is ready to become a household name in the hip-hop world. Born and raised in Miami, FL, Jiggz started making music at the age of 18, but didn’t start taking it seriously until 2017. Like many artists, he describes music as a way to express himself but as far as his sound, it's versatile, as he strives to make music that is relatable and easy to listen to. Jiggz writes his own music but freestyles most of it. He also works with producer and engineer Ray Ali and is currently working on another solo EP along with 5 music videos. His latest project “Jiggy World” showcases his smooth vocals and authenticity.

Jiggz credits his parents as his inspiration, introducing him to timeless music. He looks up to artists like Lil Wayne, Drake, Kanye and 50 Cent and says they inspired his sound. And just like them, Jiggz is also looking to inspire others – he hopes to create a positive impact with his music, and make people feel a certain way when they listen to it. Some of the work that he’s released to date include 3 joint projects with his co-artist Damis (“No Stress”, “No Strings Attached” and “DMND VOL. 1”) and one with emerging artist Zy Official (“Take One Vol. 1”).

Aside from releasing music, Jiggz has also had some success on a few television shows. With 4 TV placements, he’s had his songs on a few major Netflix and HBO shows, including “Daredevil”, “The Chi”, “The Grand Army” and the short film “Holler.” As far as collaborations, the Miami artist is working with some local and out of state artists, such as Zy official, Manny Major, Rodney Kayy, Johnny OZ and Desanchii.

Stream “Jiggy World” below and tap in with Jigzz on social media (@jiggydmnd). Check out his music on all streaming platforms.

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