Xion McKnight Drops Back To Back Singles and Has More Music On The Way

Independent artist Xion McKnight wants to inspire the world in a way that hasn’t been done before. Born and raised in Riverdale, Georgia, the up-and-coming artist began making music when he was 17 years old. However, after spending time locked up, he soon realized that he wanted to be a voice for the people, especially those blocked by the system. Looking to music as a creative outlet, Xion McKnight says being an artist is what he was called to do.

“Music keeps me out of trouble.” He admits, “It keeps me focus on the most important things. Besides God when there’s nothing else to fill my spirit. Music is always there.”

The independent artist writes, engineers and produces his own tracks. When it comes to his music, Xion says he doesn’t like for his work to be stereotyped because he makes something for everybody!

“It’s a difference between a rapper, r&b singer, pop singer, etc. & being a artist.” He explained, “Being an artist means to be versatile not just sticking to one thing. Everybody nowadays are just sticking to one thing. I’m one of the ones that can do everything! Like every other great you know.”

This year Xion Mcknight is ready to blow up the music industry! Already dropping two singles earlier this month, “Aliens” and “Dedication”, his fans are patiently waiting to see what’s next. The up-and-coming artist is just getting started, in fact, he confirmed his EP “Kartel” is in the works and is expected to drop this summer!

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