A Humble Soul With Great Talent Garden Grove Native DannnyRo$e

Straight out of Garden Grove, DannnyRo$e another upcoming artist making moves for himself! As we continue to evolve the majority of artists continue using social media as a way of exposure, as for DannnyRo$e he stays true to his personality and lets his music speaks for itself. Do yourself a favor, peep one of my favorite visuals “Been Through” and keep in mind he's dropping some new visuals very soon! Get to know more about DannnyRo$e down below!

Being an independent artist from OC do you feel OC artists get the recognition they deserve? Who pushes for OC artists?

Being an independent artist has its ups and downs I’m grateful enough to come from a city like Orange County that has a lot of diversity especially with music. There is a lot of different type of artist that create different type sounds and that’s the beauty about it for me.

When did you feel confident sharing your music on platforms?

I started making in 2015 and my 1st ever release was on SoundCloud. I had continued to use that platform for a couple years, continued to gain my fan base on there. I definitely recommend that platform to people that want to start putting out music. I was also putting out music videos on YouTube as well. I really wanted to my music on streaming services like apple and Spotify so that’s when I had invested with a distributor called Distrokid.

For anyone just being introduced to your music, how would you describe your sound?

Honestly that's a tough question, I would say I’m very unpredictable with releases. DM on Instagram DM on Instagram what you think about my music. Let me know.

During this pandemic did you learn about anything?

Pandemic taught me a lot about myself. I learned how strong love is and covid 19 definitely put all of us threw a test. And I found out how strong my family really is. Always check up on your friends and family.

How important is mental health to you?

Mental health is very very important, depression is a worldwide problem. Depression can be hard to talk about so hard that a lot of men end up silently struggling for years. I think they see it as a sign of weakness.

When it comes to self love, what is your self love or self care routine?

My self love and care is taking of my body. I love to workout hit the gym and get a good sweat going. I’m very completive I would say I’m a lot things I do. Especially sports.

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