Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Suspends Operations Amid Abuse Claims

Demi Lovato visits Fabletics at The Village at Westfield Topanga

Kate Hudson’s athleisure brand Fabletics is in some hot water. The athleisure brand has suspended operations with garment factory Hippo Knitting amid ongoing abuse allegations.

In an explosive report by “TIME” magazine, at least 38 workers come forward saying sexual and physical abuse is rampant at the factory, which is based in Lesotho’s capital of Maseru in South Africa. Some female workers claim they’ve been pressured into sexual relationships with their supervisors, while others claim they’re “often humiliated and verbally abused by management.”

In a statement, Fabletics calls the allegations “absolutely horrifying,” saying they “immediately” halted operations with Hippo Knitting and launched an investigation upon seeing the report. "Fabletics' commitment to the people of this region remains resolute,” the statement reads. “And we're paying these workers their full wages while we investigate."

Check out the full statement below.

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