Fuego The Profit Set to Drop His New Single, “Diablo”

There come moments when the stars seem to align so perfectly, when kickstarting the chase to achieve your dreams appears to be the only answer. That’s how Houston-based artist Fuego The Profit made his debut in the music world back in 2018. The drive he has to achieve his goals--to foster peace, love, and elevated energy above all else—has not faltered since, as fans will continue to see with his latest single “Diablo”!

Fuego The Profit’s vigor comes with no surprise when his name, given to him by a friend, speaks all. His goal is to have his reach span like a sweeping wildfire— a testament to who he is as an up-and-coming artist, refusing to confine himself into any one genre. Boxes and limitations are no match for the creative agency he has over his work. “My genre is everything,” he says. “I can write to anything… I like how I can do pop and alternative music with me being from the streets.” The one common thread is his devotion to storytelling. “My sound really comes from years of trauma and pain, and [it] just forces a storytelling voice or sound.”

Discovering one’s purpose isn’t always a linear journey, but for the independent artist, it certainly seemed that way. Growing up in Houston and jumping from one house to another, he’s used to being in constant flux— accepting change, being flexible, staying fluid. The music came to him. “I honestly can say music chose me,” he reflects. “Because the way I was sent into this world—no dad, mom on drugs—it’s like God knew I had some battles to face, so [He] gave me a gift: to turn my pain to music.” Committed to those gifts, the artist’s relationship to his craft was only ever a natural attraction. “Getting hurt by the closest people I thought I loved was enough to make me focus on music and channel that hurt towards my sound.” Not long after, that investment in both himself and those channels proved profitable with the recording of his first song in 2018, the release of his 2019 EP “Now or Never” soon afterward, and the drop of his latest record “My Guy” (a Houston favorite). That momentum is only set to continue with the forthcoming release of “Diablo”.

Now, Fuego The Profit is on a mission to spread peace and love. For him, that purpose transcends all things material. “My goal is to honestly have more fans than money,” he asserts. “I’d rather people listen to me and love my music than to be rich, so the goal is to reach millions.”

He continues to accomplish these objectives through music and example. With his latest single “Diablo”, Fuego the Profit is ready to set the music industry ablaze. Preparations to drop a new EP in the near future only confirm that there’s so much more to come. His motivators? “God and life and being human period.”

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