Regi Levi Tags Ky Exploring Their Love Language "Game"

Photo Credit: Iismaill @realiismaill

Regi Levi is one of Badgenre's next artist to blow. For those who may not know, the Inland Empire has birthed an endless list of talented individuals and the next generation of stars has already been passed the torch. Upland's very own Regi Levi links up with Rancho Cucamonga native, Ky for "Game." Kyla Fernandez also known as “Ky”, is a Peruvian-American aspiring artist. Her biggest musical influence is her uncle, a musician-turned lawyer with a strong presence in her life. Working with Regi has brought her out of her musical shell and has inspired her to follow childhood dreams. It’s been a euphoric experience being outside of her comfort zone, and she plans to keep leaning into that discomfort to find herself as an artist.

This song explains how a relationship can be two sided. How one person can commit to the other person, while the other party is very shaky on the whole relationship. I talked about how I want that person, but technically don’t need them. The way we wrote it was as if her and I were texting or talking to each other. Some of the lyrics that I said, she replies to me back on her verse.


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