GIRL POWER! Woman Crushes 3 Watermelons in 7 1/2 Seconds For World Record

Ok, we struggle to get a sharp knife through a watermelon. A Nevada bodybuilder crushed a world record when she used her thighs to smash three watermelons in under 8 seconds. Kortney Olson, the owner of the GRRRL Clothing athletic wear line, said she decided to take on the watermelon-smashing world record to celebrate the opening of the brand's new store in Las Vegas.

"I just decided in correlation with our store opening because it's a community space, and we really want to start utilizing the space to teach things, to share this watermelon-crushing story with younger girls," Olson said.

Olson used her thighs to smash three watermelons in 7.5 seconds, nearly halving Ukrainian bodybuilder Olga Liashchuk's Guinness World Record of 14.65 seconds. Olson's time also beat the male version of the record, which was set at 10.88 seconds by Iranian athlete Rohollah Doshmanziari.

She also said she's teaching a class on watermelon smashing and planning an event for Aug. 3, National Watermelon Day.

"My vision is just seeing a ton of women on Aug. 3 on National Watermelon Day crushing the crap out of some watermelons.” [UPI]

We STAN a badass babe!

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