DJ Khaled Gets Compared to Batman...but for a Bad Reason

You probably saw DJ Khaled trending yesterday. It wasn't for anything that you'd expect such as new music. In fact, Khaled was trending because of a story about BATMAN.

A story released yesterday where producers of the adult-themed animated series "Harley Quinn" were censored by the big bosses of DC Comics.

They planned a provocative scene where Batman was performing oral sex on on Catwoman. DC cut the scene, using the reasoning that "heroes don't do that."

So why DJ Khaled? Well, do you remember that interview he did in with our friends at The Breakfast Club where he said he doesn't give his wife...erm...cunnilingus? I do.

The Internet remembers too. Twitter had a field day with this one. Check out some of my favorites below.

You can catch season 3 of "Harley Quinn" on HBO Max.

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