According to the FBI These are the Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs

FBI and CSI agents

Photo: Getty Images

The FBI revealed the birth dates of many serial killers, which in turn gives us some insight into which zodiac signs are the most dangerous.

Cancers are the most dangerous since they tend to be passive-aggressive and very jealous, which could result in them committing more crimes, including murder! A Taurus "violent temperament" landed them in second place.

Gemini seems to be the least dangerous sign, and tend to be good-hearted people with no intention of killing people... Although, I would have definitely thought Geminis would be on the dangerous list, in my experience. lol

According to To Love Forward:

In third place is Sagittarius. And the remaining nine places are distributed as follows (based on the number of crimes they commit):
4. Aries
5. Capricorn
6. Virgo
7. Libra
8. Pisces
9. Scorpio
10. Leo
11. Aquarius
12. Gemini

Check out the full findings HERE.

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