New Music Friday: Saint Rien Strikes Again with "Medusa"

There is plenty of new music out on Friday but don't sleep on the new premiere from Saint Rien.

Saint Rien’s musical prowess is unveiled on another level through this track, as an accentuated vintage element chimes over a chord of spacey pads. The harmonic rhythms continue alongside a vibrant collection of highs, vocal chops, and a conventional wave bass line that springs on the underbelly of the mix. Packing a low bassline, fresh beats, and uplifting vocal chant, its sparkling pads will ignite flashes of joy.

Saint Rien has come a long way before becoming a vibrant name in the scene. In high school, he joined the band Storm the Sky as frontman and developed a passion for songwriting. Eventually, the band parted ways in 2019, which led the vocalist to move on with his dreams on a solo path. His influences range from Frank Ocean and Tyler, The Creator, to Thom Yorke and Jeff Buckley. After long hours and nights dedicated to songwriting and producing, the self-taught artist finally came to with captivating songs.

Following releases on the likes of “Like You” and “Why2,” the neo-soul, hip-pop artist displays his established talent in crafting deep, blissful urban tracks. The energetic tempo, exciting cuts, and simple yet rich musicality of “Medusa” render it an arcane gem in the making. The crisp rhythm calmly builds before an aberrant funk-stoked synth line follows to add a unique depth to the delightfully distinctive style.

Check out Saint Rien on Instagram and Spotify.

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