ICYMI: Rams vs. Chargers Game Erupts Into Insane Fan Fight

Los Angeles Chargers v Los Angeles Rams

Foto: Getty Images

Preseason football kicked off over the weekend, and fans are already fighting! The Rams lost their game to the Chargers on Saturday, and fans lost their cool. An insane brawl broke out in the stands, and it was a bloody mess at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood. Things turned physical when a lady threw a drink and hit one of the fans in the back while he was turned the other way. (You can see the video below)

It took security a surprisingly long time to come over, with nearly a minute and a half passing before someone arrived. The guy in the white shirt -- the one throwing the punches -- was escorted out, and the game continued. The Rams lost to the Chargers 13-6. [TMZ]

Can't we all just behave in public?! Gonna be a long season.

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