Worldisgualaa Talks New Released Music Inspired By the Loss of His Brother

Meet Worldisgualaa, also known as “THE HARDEST TO IMPRESS”! Worldisgualaa is a versatile musician that focuses on hip-hop, rap, and soul trap while he strives to put his emotions into his music. His inspiration can easily take him from a rap vibe to an island groove in a quick moment. He knows how to express pain through slow songs, and he leaves interpretation up to the listeners. Worldisgualaa says, “It is for the people to decided. That is why I just say I am the artist.”

Born in Trenton New Jersey, Worldisgualaa always found a way to hustle and take care of the people around him. He got his name when he formed a group of brothers that he considered family and called “World”. This group of brothers all had different mindsets but the same goals to work hard and succeed.

Worldisgualaa only officially started recording a year ago. He writes and helps produce all of his own music, and he recorded his first song on April 20, 2020. He says “Music can tell so many stories about how you feeling, good times, bad times, females, the struggle, the wins, the losses, the high & the lows. . .When I hear artists making music about what I’m going through, I just know that at least one person around this whole world is going through the same problem, so that’s why I have to keep going and become that break through testimony & show that I stand the rain”.

Worldisgualaa always keeps it 100, and he shows his confidence on and off the stage. He recently released his new single called “Eye 4 Eye” with an artist from Philadelphia named LilMuk. The song is about the loss of his brother and how it motivated him to work harder. Alongside this single, Worldisagualaa is working on two music videos, one called “Hold Up, Wait” and the other called “Garden of Gualaa”. Look for Worldisgualaa’s Youtube channel called WorldunitedTV, and get ready to hear a lot more from “THE HARDEST TO IMPRESS”.

Check for him on all of his socials:
IG : Worldisgualaa

Facebook: Worldisgualaa Gualaa

YouTube channel: Worlduntiedtv

Tiktok: Worldisgualaa

Twitter: Worldisgualaa

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